27 April 2009

Hello Baby Muhammad Ammar Rizqi!!~

Entry ini khas utk Baby Muhammad Ammar Rizqi, baby kepada my dearest best friend Atie and her husband abang Ayie. Congratulation for both of u for ur new born baby. Baby Ammar was born yesterday, by caesarian.. To Atie, please take a very very good care of urself, dont lasak2 sangat..dont forget to eat ur ubats..(wah cakap macam ade experience jer..tak bley blah!).. To abang Ayie, jaga kawan saye ni baik2 yer.. and to Baby Ammar, jangan banyak meragam..jangan byk nangis..nanti sian kat mak kamu tu..dah la mak kamu tu kecik, nanti makin kecik pulak die..be a good boy kay..

p/s: Sorang lagi best friend i pon tengah tunggu due date..and baby boy jugak..(so,entry untuk 'mommy Danish' will be sent out once the baby born)

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Anonymous said...

congratulations to ur friend ..glad to hear she safe deliver a boy :D