22 June 2009

BEWARE : H1N1 now in Wangsa Maju.

Yer tuan-puan..sile amek perhatian yer..H1N1 case had been detected in Wangsa Maju yer..Baru je kuar berita kat tv3 sat tadi..huhu..so korang sume pandai2 la amek langkah berjaga2 yer..bley jugak refer kt sini.

Owh by the way..lately (since last week), i keep received bad news..started one of my colleage's dad passed away, then followed by my another colleage who got injured because of acid during duty...(and some more) and today, i was shocked with another bad news, one of my boss' son was death in an accident. Plus, something bad (to me, it is soooo bad) also happen to us while we are on the way to go to the Nirvana...I try to be positive, but i couldn't refuse that my mind keep thinking negative..

What ever it is, life must go on..I hope no more bad news to come..God, protect me, my family, my friend and everybody i love from all harm and danger.Amin.

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Anonymous said...

Budak2 Wangsa Maju tak kene kuarantin ker? Yang keje, tapayah g keje seminggu.. Yang skolah, tapayah g skolah seminggu.. :D