15 December 2008

Genting vs PC Fair

Saturday, as what we already planned earlier, I went to Genting together with my colleagues…and believe it or not, this is my first time I really ‘play’ during I go to Genting. Haha.. before this, I never-ever have any intention to play this kind of game.(Lemah jantung lor… :p ) Woah, I rasa sangat berani sekarang ni.. Err…I still not yet try to play Corkscrew, and the Space Shot. But at least, I did play Spinner, Pirate Ship, Grand Prix Fun Kart, Rolling Thunder Mine Train, and get wet with Sungai Rejang Flume Ride…wooohoooo…wah! Macam tak percaye…Maybe after this, I will brave myself to play Corkscrew…err..Space Shot? I don’t think so! :D Me & Cheryll sempat pegi main burung dekat Dinasourland…sangat chomelss!!! Before balik, sempat lagi kteorg hentam naik Rio Float…hihi…and otw to the exit, I sempat main tangkap itik…semata2 nak menang teddy bear besar…tapi, no luck! Burn RM4! +_+

*Dont ask Cheryll why she smiled like that :D

* See..see..that's me!!I really play that thing..hahaha

* Aja, me, & Gee (Aja sangat seronok coz dapat main roller-coster)

* This part, i do part time, become a photographer...hehe..dont ask me why.

Queuing to play that scary thing. While waiting, me and Cheryll go play with the birds. :D

* Hair treatment..u guys hair damn STINKS!!~ :D

* While waiting for our turn to play the Sungai Rejang Flume Ride..Snap!Snap!

* Before we chow, we just make another snapping. :D 

Sunday. Dah kate admin, I ada rasa ‘ responsible’ on what’s going on among the staff. So pagi2, bangun basuh kain…then terus chow pegi 17-4, tolong derang move-out…Puven yang smalam promise nak datang tolong, sampai pukul 2 tak sampai…apekah cik Puven? So settle kan mana yang sempat jer dulu…then terus pegi men-dating-kan diri kat PC Fair…:D Setelah mendapat khidmat nasihat pakar…I finally bought it! Good spec + murah + banyak free gift. And what make it more more worthy, I got something ‘extra’ than other people should get. I guess, I’m just lucky. And I feel so-so excited… Hehe…Bau kedai tak?? Bau tak?? :D:D Thank you so-so much for my dearest advisor, without u, I am sure I wont get it by now…Chewah! :D

What ever it is, I love both days! I really enjoy my weekend. It’s a great-great experience for me. Hihi…so guys, when is our next trip to Genting?

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misyamansor said...

bli ape weyh?? tuk aku tade ke?? huhu...