20 December 2008

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Nurasyikin Ishak


I anak tunggal perempuan dalam family :D


Qayyum & Firdaus…saya sayang mereka berdua walaupun mereka selalu menyalah-gunakan duit gaji saye

Shoe size:

5, sometimes 6 also can fit


160 kot eh! 161 kot…ntah…tak sure

Where do u live:

Currently, Wangsa Maju… tapi I nak sangat2 pindah…help me!!~

Have u ever been on a plane:


Swam in the ocean:


Fallen asleep at school:

Err…honestly…yesh!!~ :D Masa sekolah dlu slalu tido lambat, tengok VCD Britney…Kalau tengok siang hari, adik pon sibuk nak tengok…nanti mak marah… :D

Broken someone's heart:


Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call:

Err…pagi, tengahari, petang, balik ofis, before tido…orang mesti ada call punye lah!

Saved emails:

Yesh! Sayang nak delete…

What is your room like:


What's right beside u:

My hp, my mp3 player, my notes, my access card, dozens of paper-work…err...blackberry Mr Ouchi

What is the last thing u ate:

Nasi lemak dekat Old Town, Jalan Yap Kwan Seng.

Ever had...Chicken pox:

Yesh! Mase baby…(Mak cakap)



Broken nose:


Do u believe in love at first sight:

Absolutely No!

Like picnics:

Yesh! I love beaches!!~ Tp sure muke hitam-legam :p 

Who was/were... The last person u danced with:

Ade la…mane ley kasi tau! Hahaha

Get sick:


Miss someone:

Yesh! Yesh! Yesh!!! 

Who do u really hate:

Should I wrote it here? I don’t think so…

Do u like your hand-writting:

Not really! Even-tho ade orang cakap my hand-writing cantik. Hehe.

Are your toe nails painted:

Last few month, yesh! :D

Whose bed other that yours would u rather sleep in:

Erm…lemme think…hurm…I love my own bed!

What color shirt are u wearing now:

White shirt with the bling-bling :D   

Are u a friendly person:

I think so! 

Do u have any pets:

I wish I had one! I  cat! I  hamster! (Animal lovers

Do u sleep with the TV on:

Yesh! Alaaa..tak sengaje lor…

What are u doing right now:

I’m full rite now, baru balik lunch. And there’s no work for me to do here.. so that’s y I do this tag :D

Can u handle the truth:

Depends. Maybe yes, maybe no.

Are u closer to your mother or father:

Honestly, mom! But I really  them both!!

Do u eat healthy:

Nope. I  fast-food. I  ♥ cheese. I   snacks. :D

If u're having a bad day, who are u most likely to go to:

Ari… :D

Are u loud or quiet most of the time:

Loud! That’s me!

Are u confident:

Err…nope :D

5 things I was doing 10 years ago:

~ Get my SPM result

~ Take my driving license class

~ Get offer letter from MMU

~ Single and available

~ Kene paksa belajar masak

5 things that I will do tomorrow:

~ Laundry. Suppose today, but this morning I need to rush to office.

~ Go to get my lappy’s driver.

~ Buy memory card for Sue.

~ No more. Not planning yet. Worst come to worst, I will spend time finishing my desperate housewife & heroes series. :D:D Hehe

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire:

~ I will bring my parents to Makkah ^_^

~ Buy a house. But! For sure it won’t be at the hill area. :D

~ I’m an ordinary girl. Of coz! I ♥ SHOPPING!

~ Err…tuka kereta! :D Vroom-vroom…

~ I bring my friend to have a nice-nice vacation.    (Ya ampun, kuat berangan!)


Okay, I’m done!


* Why I’m doing this tag?

~ I need to come to office during weekend

~ And I’ve nothing to do rite now…all my work done.

~ And I’m alone at my area, boring, and desperately want to go back. :D

~ And I found this tag on my friend’s blog… so I start to do it as well. :D (That’s why)

Ok…what should I do after this?? Huhu…nak balik… 


misyamansor said...

I bring my friend to have a nice-nice vacation. ♥ ♥ (Ya ampun, kuat berangan!) ---> bawak la aku gak...aku memerlukan holiday yg nyaman and tenteram nih..haha..

eikieyn said...

If i got lot of money in my pocket, i will definitely bring u along :D seriously :D