25 May 2009

I am 24.

Turn 24 last Saturday. It makes me feel blessed. What i've learned for the past 1 year, it really teach me a lot. For another 1 year and so on, I've trying to improve myself to become a better person. Starting this 1 June, I'll started working with another company, another people, another working place...cant imagine how it goes..but still hoping that everything will going well. Thanks for all the wishes especially the one that come from my dad, coz he's everytime forget those 'special' dates in our family. I'm touched!~ :P To my mom, thanks for the in advance wishes, hehe..accepted lar..sebab emergency case kan kan..To my adik kecik, that's my birthday, you are the one who suppose buy me present not asking me to buy u present..isn't it? (Sabar je lah! Demand plak tu..) To my adik tengah, sombong sangat hang ni..tak call pon! :P To God, thanks for giving me another chance of a great life, and for blessing me all the time. To the others..thanks for all the wishes. Not to forget to someone that always with me for the past one year (Almost). Thank u for everything.

Good bye to my current company, since today will be my last day here. Thanks for support and everything. Adios Amigos.


misyamansor said...

happy belated bday syikin...smoge dimurahkan rezeki n pjg umur n kawen cepat..!! hahaha... :p

Anonymous said...

Owh..birthday awak da lepas yer..klau tak boleh kte celebrate same2..ape2 pon..selamat hari jadi.. :)