12 November 2008

me, analeigh & antm

Today's topic is...tadaaa..ANTM :D.. (serious!tengah tade keje nak buat sekarang nih)Ok..I started to follow ANTM (America’s Next Top Model) since their first season.It becomes my priority every week to watch their latest episode.Latest season is Cycle 11.God! I love Analeigh!Her hair is oow so damn gorgeous!Suke gile rambut die!!

Go Analeigh! 
Now, I’m voting for her to win this cycle.Actually, I love Samantha too, she’s second in my list. 
I’m also voting for Lauren Brie.. but too bad, she has been eliminated earlier because of her personality. Bye bye Lauren Brie. :( Benci tau! 
* I did grabbed few pictures of Lauren's photoshot in ANTM cycle 11.See..see..cantik kan?

p/s:Happy Belated Birthday to Mr 11.11, wish u all the best in what u are doing. Err...where's the pizza?

*Congrats to Kishor! err.. Cheryll....dont be sad :p

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