06 November 2008


Haizz..what should I say..Im totally stuck rite now..

I'm happy to be here.. But something make me feel it just not right..

We learn to be professional, and Im sure we have better and appropriate way to do it.

I dont want people to hate me, but I just do my job..

I dont know either should I voice it out or not.

What should I do.. :(

Help me.


Thara said...

kenape kenape kenape? :(

eikieyn said...

huhu..nak gosip kat sini pon tak syok..P&C..but..its really make me stress out! :(

Thara said...

we should meet up fast then! this weekend di Pyramid bersama cik atie nak? :D

ps : this is my 4th time visiting ur page in a day. shows how bored i am too! haha.

eikieyn said...

Alaa!!!this weekend I da promise dgn my other friend pegi tgk James Bond!Kiteorg dapat ticket free..Nvm, anything..contact my digi..who knows i got chance to go c u guys..

ps: actually, i more excited to see ur guys punye 'peruts':P (kidding)