10 November 2008

My Weekend

I could say I really enjoy my weekend! Yesterday, I got chance to meet Thara, Atie and Huda. Even though, it just in very short time, at least I could see them after a very very long time. 4 of us (err I mean 6 of us) went shopping tudung eh! selendang. I just noticed Thara and Atie getting shorter than before...owhhh maybe both of them are not advisable to wear heels anymore.. :D Then I need to rush to catch up my James Bond movie @ The Garden. When we reach there, 2 – 4 pm seats are full! So we choose to take 5.20pm. While waiting for the movie, we go to have our lunch and shopping! :D 

Honestly, if you guys go to Pizza and plan to try their Italian-Japanese pizza, I would advice you to change their drinks (Havana Mint Fizz Drink) to Pepsi or any other soft drink. That drink taste like Darlie tooth-paste okay!! Unless, u really hygienic people..Yes! I advice you to try it.

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