18 November 2008


My Saturday.

Wake up late morning, then straight away watch ‘Ayat-ayat Cinta’. :D I could say it was a good movie to watch. It’s more about scarification that I think me,myself wont never able to do it. Love story with sad ending. PLUS, the song is soooo nice! *Very nice to watch on your anniversary or month-sary or day-sary :D Romantic, I tell u… 

After finish, I proceed with my Heroes :D Hehehe… as always, this series never disappointed me. Go Claire! Hihihi Peter Petrelli hensem! :”> 

Marathon…!! Proceed my Saturday morning with…America’s Next Top Model. :D (Hint:I am Spoiler) Marjorie is out!! Sedeyh gile..i tell u…Honestly, I cry for this episode..:( She’s Analeigh best friend…and she just so innocent.. What ever it is.. Analeigh already confirm her spot at ANTM top 3..woohooo! 

Then, my mom comes pick me up @ my house then bring me to my aunty’s house. We going to hav a ‘kenduri’ tomorrow. My mom bring along  ain a.k.a ‘Yuyun’..budak kecik yang chomelllss giler! Da pandai ckp da budak ni…da lame tak jumpe yuyun..wahh!rindu gile!Mulut die..haizz..tuhan je tau..tak reti senyap langsung. But that’s make me love her so much!Paling I suke bile die ckp ‘jangan lar…’ hahaha..ala2 bunyik sengau gitu!Cute giler!

 My Sunday.

Have to wake up early..Continue with the preparation for the kenduri. Nak tolong masak lagi..nak jaga Yuyun lagi.. Wahhh capek deh! My feet was injured because someone dumb a very big periuk on it. Huwaaa..cacat trus! Jalan pun kene control ala2 ‘jalan kucing’ ..owww! huhu.. petang tu balik KL smuler..parent cant fetch me coz still got a lot of thing to do there…so balik naik KTM lor..sampai KL sentral..terus g cari selipar..so terpakse wasted money (+_+) to buy that bling-bling selipar..On the way balik rumah..someone seems like ‘follow me’ …scaryyyy-ooo…nak lari,kaki pulak sakit…huhu…but lucky..nothing happen :D ok..dah…don’t ‘freak-out’

 My Monday.

 I go to office wearing that bling-bling selipar.. no choice.. kaki cacat eh! sakit..pagi2 da tade mood sbb bengang dengan someone…haizz..pagi2 da moody..spoil btol!kat office pon masih jalan kucing (^_^)…huhu…keep looking at the time…lambat nye nak pukul 6…balik office, trus pegi pasar malam :D

 My Tuesday.

Train buat problem lagi @_@… then i straight away grab taxi datang opis :D sampai2 opis trus buat keje…bile keje sume da siap…trus update blog :D hehe..Ni baru abis lunch, tadi mkn dekat mamak..sedap wooo.. ok dah! Nak sambung keje pulak..adios!


Thara said...

wei ape beza (+_+) dgn @_@?

dua2 muka nak pitam jek. "muka ketat". haha.

Anonymous said...

even tho i dunno who u are...ur blog is soo cute! love to read ur blog..keep blogging ya! ;)

eikieyn said...

thara: tade beza nya..yesh! 2-2 muke ketat! :D coming soon im using this --> (#_#) pulak :D

anonymous: stop pretending lor.. jgn pura2 tak kenal me ok :p

Anonymous said...

i also love to read ur blog ...\(^-^)/

eikieyn said...

...jgn la main2.korang ni sape kah.

Anonymous said...

i'm just an outsider..yes i dunno who u are ... :P (>_<)

eikieyn said...

dah la.tamo respond da..nanti salah orang lagi :">

Anonymous said...

cik eikieyn..tade update ke?