06 November 2008

Yeah!! She's Back!

So long i've been waiting for her to make the come back.
Welcome back BRITNEY!!!

Finally, she did!! I love her since I was Form 1, it was like 10 years ago..I memorized all her lyrics.. I follow her steps..I have my own book full of her news, pics, lyrics etc.. I 'illegally' download her videos, concert, series that her involved, commercials blah..blah..blah..semua lah! :p Yes! Its true!! :D  Wish her success for her latest about..and always be the number 1 pop star! :D

Britney Rocks!!~

1 comment:

Thara said...

haha. u want updates on britney, the best source to go is this girl. :P

anyways. welcome back britney!