27 November 2008

Work and work

Boring.Sangat2 boring.No more Cheryll in this office. :( Now, i need to handle everything ALONE.Huhu~ Huwaaa...Why lar u need to continue your study...If you working here, you got money ($_$) every month...if you stadi...yea yea..u got degree..but....haizz..:P kidding yer! I wish the best of luck for u,my dear..make sure u stadi really hard, if not,again...i will offer you 'receptionist' position to you..:P Haha..(Again,I'm kidding!) +_+" my work now increasing so bad, i need to handle all alone...huhu...pity me! :(
Since Cheryll gone..
1. Need to update all her tasks...aiyaaak
2. No more lunch together-gether at mamak, bee's or carot
3. No more people give me surprise chocolate...
4. I will kicks Puven if he ask me to do comparison between this and that.. (Puven is prohibited to read my blog!)
5. No more gossip session during office hour.
6. Puven take his own drink everyday.(Wah,pandaiiii nyeee)
7. Danny need to clean up his place by himself.
8. No one going to tapau lunch for Sue anymore..hehe :P
9. Kishor get so sad...err David too!...aaa..maybe Lee(i mean John) as well....oowhh one more,Kai! :D

What ever it is, take a good care of yourself...especially when u walking down the stairs...:P and please!Dont ever use your head to stop the lift!!Seriously, it really nice to meet and know you.I miss you! ;)

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Anonymous said...

Wow.Seems like u really close to her..for her own future,u better let her continue her study..and yet,u both still b friend